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Here's yet another batch of books which have been received for review in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice.  If you believe that you are suitably qualified to review one of these books and would like to do so, please email Sarah Harris by not later than Friday 27 July and let her know.

JIPLP reminds prospective reviewers that they will be expected to review the book within a reasonable time. If they are unable to do so, they will be asked to return the book so that it can be sent to someone else to review.

Keeping Secrets: a Practical Introduction to Trade Secret Law and Strategy
Authors: Darin W. Snyder and David S. Almeling
Publisher: Oxford University Press, New York, USA.
"... an accessible primer on all things trade secret. It examines the audacious schemes of trade secret thieves by presenting dozens of case studies and the lessons to learn from them. It also offers best practices for protecting trade secrets from theft, investigating a suspected breach, and enforcing a trade secret in court and other forums. Preeminent intellectual property lawyers, Darin Snyder and David Almeling have written this book for anyone who wants to learn about trade secrets: including corporate executives and engineers, judges and students, even attorneys not practicing trade secret law who need general information on the subject".
Further information available here

Patents as Protection of Traditional Medical Knowledge?
Author: Petra Ebermann
Publisher: Intersentia
"The protection of the knowledge and practises of local and indigenous groups has been discussed in various forums in recent times. International agreements such as the Convention on Biological Diversity address the importance of protecting traditional knowledge and practises, recognizing that this knowledge bears immense value in terms of its contribution to the conservation of biological diversity and its inputs to R&D in various fields. Experiences of the past, prominently the use of the Neem tree and the Turmeric plant, show that the benefits of traditional knowledge applications are allocated mainly to the follow-on developers and rarely to the original suppliers of the knowledge and practises. In the long term, this may result in restricted access to traditional knowledge to the detriment of social welfare. The book examines traditional knowledge protection in the area of traditional medical knowledge, often utilised in contemporary medicine, and consequently subject to patent protection. It provides a comparative view of the current patent regimes in major economies, specifically the US and the EU, and the consequences of the application of these laws to traditional medical knowledge and follow-on innovation, as well as the impact on underlying economic principles and opposing interests. The economic analysis of law is used to evaluate the current situation by comparing the effects of adapted patent regimes to alternative liability regimes or contractual agreements. This comparative and interdisciplinary approach taken gives valuable insights and inputs for future discussion".
Further information available here 

Intellectual Property, Antitrust and Cumulative Innovation in the EU and the US
Author: Thorsten Käseberg
Publisher: Hart Publishing, Oxford
"Taking an integrated view of both IP and antitrust rules – in particular on refusals to deal based on IP – the book assesses policy levers under European and US patent, copyright and trade secrecy laws, such as the bar for and scope of protection as well as research exemptions, compulsory licensing regimes and misuse doctrines. It analyses what the allocation of tasks is and should be between these IP levers and antitrust rules, in particular the law on abuse of dominance (Article 102 TFEU) and monopolisation (Section 2 Sherman Act), while particular attention is paid to the essential facilities doctrine, including pricing methodologies for access to IP".
Further information available here.

Intellectual Property and Private International Law, Comparative Perspectives
Editor: Toshiyuki Kono
Publisher: Hart Publishing, Oxford
"'Intellectual property and private international law' was one of the subjects discussed at the 18th International Congress of Comparative Law held in Washington (July 2010). This volume contains the General Report and 20 National Reports covering Canada, US, Japan, Korea, India and a number of European countries (Austria, France, Germany, UK, Spain etc). The General Report was prepared on the basis of National Reports".
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Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights through Border Measures (Second edition)
Editors: Olivier Vrins and Marius Schneider
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Oxford, England
"Fully updated in the second edition to include the two more recent Member States of Bulgaria and Romania, the work provides important guidance for intellectual property rights-holders on the practical application of border measures in these two Member States. Coverage of the legislation and guidance is also updated to include commentary on Commission Regulation 1172/2007, which created a new application for action form for the applications based on a "Community right", as well as the DG TAXUD manual for filing applications for action under Regulation 1381/2003. Updates to case law include important recent decisions in relation to goods in transit, sanctions against traffickers when a case has been settled under the simplified procedure, Community applications for action, and the ECJ's Advocate-General's opinion on the use of information provided to an intellectual property rights-holder during a border seizure of goods.This second edition also considers the UK HMRC's fundamental changes to its detention and seizure procedures in respect of goods infringing trade mark and copyright".
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