The European "Patent Package": GRUR Int./JIPLP second seminar

Readers of this weblog will already know the details of the first seminar which marks the partnership between JIPLP and GRUR Int.  This morning GRUR is pleased to announce the particulars of the second seminar.  The following announcement appears on the GRUR website:

2nd Seminar 2013

The European "Patent Package": 

2nd GRUR Int. / JIPLP Celebratory Seminar, Munich

To celebrate the partnership between JIPLP and GRUR Int., each journal has agreed to host a seminar dealing with topical European IP issues. The first of these is being organised by JIPLP and Oxford University Press on 22 January 2013 in London and entitled "Secondary Protection for Innovation in Germany: Problem or Solution?".

The second seminar entitled "The European 'Patent Package'" will be taking place in Munich on 6 March 2013. Organised by GRUR in cooperation with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA), it will deal with the latest developments in the reform of the European patent system. Please visit the tab for more information and registration details or choose the online-registration.
JIPLP is pleased to see that its own seminar has already attracted registrations from not only Germany but a number of other European countries.  We hope that many of our readers and friends will be able to attend the second seminar in Munich, which is on a subject of great importance and apparently almost inexhaustible fascination.

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