GRUR Int. in JIPLP: how to find it

Good news is always worth trumpeting about!
The question has been asked: given the much-trumpeted cooperation between the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice and our German friends at GRUR Int., is there any convenient way of identifying at a glance the materials which GRUR Int. has supplied for publication in English in JIPLP?

The answer is "yes". All you have to is to click this link, and a list of GRUR Int.-supplied material will appear. Since the arrangement has only been running since the beginning of the calendar year, the list is still agreeably manageable -- though both JIPLP and GRUR Int. look forward to it growing in due course.

The jiplp weblog looks forward to bringing you a link to the JIPLP articles and Current Intelligence notes that have been published in GRUR Int. in due course.

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