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JIPLP has a number of books awaiting review.  They are listed below.  If you would like to be considered as a reviewer, please email Sarah Harris at and let her know before close of play on Monday 29 April.  If you have not yet written or reviewed a book for JIPLP, it would help if you could say a little bit about yourself so that we can appreciate why you wish to review it.

Thesaurus of Claim Construction (2nd Ed)
Author: Stuart B Soffer and Robert C Kahrl
Publisher: Oxford University Press
"Claim construction is a major phase of a patent litigation where the meaning and scope of the claims themselves - the invention - is determined by the court. The outcome of this definition phase is crucial to the respective infringement and invalidity positions of the parties. The Thesaurus of Claim Construction directs practitioners to cases-and in contrast to searches on more general electronic databases, only those cases-in which claim terms have previously been construed, and further to the sources of the evidence used by past courts to construe the terms in dispute. This two-volume Second Edition is updated to include over 3,500 additional entries, some of which focus on Biotechnology, Pharmacology, and Cleantech. Ordinary Skill is now included as a topic".
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Intellectual Liberty: Natural Rights and Intellectual Property 
Author: Hugh Breakey
Publisher: Ashgate

"Considering the steady increase in intellectual property rights in the last century, does it make sense to speak of ‘user’s rights’ and can limitations on intellectual liberty be justified from a rights-based perspective? This book philosophically defends the importance of the public domain and user’s rights through the use of natural-rights thought. Utilizing primarily the work of John Locke, it contends that considerations of natural justice and human freedom impose powerful constraints on the proper reach and substance of intellectual property rights, especially copyright. It investigates both the internal and external natural-rights constraints on intellectual property, and argues in particular for the importance to human freedom of the right to intellectual liberty - the right to inform one’s actions by learning about the world. It concludes that respect for fundamental freedom-based interests require a balanced approach to the scope, strength and duration of intellectual property rights".

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International Copyright Law and Access to Education in Developing Countries
Author: Susan Isiko Strba
Publisher: Brill
"Susan Isiko Štrba offers an understanding of the legal relationship between copyright regulation and access to education in developing countries, and explores both institutional and normative ways to facilitate access to printed educational and research materials".
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African Contributions in Shaping the Worldwide Intellectual Property System
Author: Tshimanga Kongolo
Publisher: Ashgate
"Africa is playing an increasingly more significant role in the domain of international intellectual property law, and this book underlines the contributions made by African countries as a group to the development of the current international IP system. 
It examines in detail their breakthrough proposals and initiatives at the WTO, WIPO and WHO with regard to IP and public health; IP and traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions and genetic resources; IP and biodiversity; and exceptions and limitations to copyright. Using Botswana, Burundi, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia as examples, it examines the systems under which these IP subject matters are protected. From a regional perspective, the book also analyses some initiatives taken by ARIPO, OAPI and the African Union to protect traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions, especially in relation to protection of the rights of local farming communities and breeders, regulation of access to biological resources, genetically modified organisms and the proposed establishment of the new Pan-African Intellectual Property Organization (PAIPO)".
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Patenting Medical and Genetic Diagnostic Resources
Author: Eddy D Ventose
Publisher: Edward Elgar
"This well-researched book explores in detail the issue of patenting medical and genetic diagnostic methods in the United States. It examines decisions of the Patent Office Boards of Appeal and the early courts on the question of whether medical treatments were eligible for patent protection under section 101 of the Patents Act. It then traces the legislative history of the Medical Procedures and Affordability Act that provided immunity for physicians from patent infringement suits. After considering the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence on patent eligibility, the book then comprehensively sets out how the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court have dealt with the issue, paying close attention to the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Bilski and Prometheus".
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