Oxford University Press, which publishes the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP) together with a host of other IP titles, is establishing a major presence in the Exhibit Hall for next week's International Trademark Association (INTA) Meeting -- the 135th -- in Dallas, Texas. OUP will be occupying booth #815, where you will find Rhodri Jackson, Chris Wogan and JIPLP Content Commissioning Editor Sarah Harris. In addition, editor-in-chief Jeremy Phillips tends to gravitate to that booth when he has a little time between meetings and events. If you're attending the INTA Meeting next week and one of the following applies --

  • you'd like to write an article or current intelligence note for JIPLP and want to discuss it;
  • you have comments or criticisms of JIPLP's content that you'd like to share with us;
  • you have subscription inquiries;
  • you would like to purchase or inspect an OUP intellectual property book

-- do come over and say "hello". We'll be delighted to see you.

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