JIPLP readers and writers: now we are 200!

This evening the JIPLP readers and writers LinkedIn Group, which you can check out here, has just welcomed its 200th member. The group is a carefully monitored and moderated forum for sharing thoughts and ideas about what sort of content the journal should have, as well as ethical and practical issues. We're thrilled that this group has grown so quickly and we're delighted to be able to take note of its activities.

Current live discussion topics include the following:
  • * The pros and cons of making draft articles available in full when they have an acute degree of topical interest;
  • * Whether the book review section should also review IP on the social media, such as weblogs and Twitter accounts;
  • * The pricing of IP journals;
  • * The degree of factual detail that articles and case notes should contain;
  • * Articles on comparative law -- how useful are they?
  • * Breadth of coverage and the problem of articles on issues that are tangential to mainstream IP;
  • * Publication ethics;
  • * Whether IP practitioners should be encouraged to write about cases in which they were involved -- or barred from doing so;
  • * How interactive should a modern IP journal be?
If you'd like to apply to join this group, or are already a member and would to like to comment on one or more of these issues, please feel confident to do so. JIPLP is only as good as you can make it!

Reminder: JIPLP also has a Twitter account, @JIPLP, which has getting on for 500 followers. This is another way of keeping in touch with the journal's continuing dialogue with the IP community.

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