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The Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP) is still seeking suitable reviewers for two books which were recently advertised as being available for review. They are:

• Trademark Valuation: A Tool for Brand Management, 2nd Edition
Authors: Gordon V. Smith and Susan M. Richey
Publisher: Wiley
"The Second Edition of Trademark Valuation is a fresh presentation of basic valuation principles, together with important recent changes in worldwide financial reporting regulations and an update on the current worldwide legal conditions and litigation situation as they relate to trademarks.

A new section discussing issues surrounding valuation of counterfeits and the economic effects of trademark counterfeiting is included in this informative Second Edition."
Further information is available from the book's web page here


• Intellectual Property and the Common Law
Editor: Shyamkrishna Balganesh
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
"In this volume, leading scholars of intellectual property and information policy examine what the common law - a method of reasoning, an approach to rule making, and a body of substantive law - can contribute to discussions about the scope, structure and function of intellectual property. The book presents an array of methodologies, substantive areas and normative positions, tying these concepts together by looking to the common law for guidance. Drawing on interdisciplinary ideas and principles that are embedded within the working of common law, it shows that the answers to many of modern intellectual property law's most puzzling questions may be found in the wisdom, versatility and adaptability of the common law. The book argues that despite the degree of interdisciplinary specialization in the field, intellectual property is fundamentally a creation of the law; therefore, the basic building blocks of the law can shed important light on what intellectual property can and should (and was perhaps meant to) be."
Further information is available from the book's web page here

If you believe that you are suitably equipped to review either of these titles, can you please email Sarah Harris by not later than close of play on Monday 24 March at, indicating why you think that you should be the reviewer.

JIPLP also has three further titles which have recently been received for review and which are offered here for the first time. They are

* Originality in EU Copyright
Author: Eleonora Rosati
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
"Full harmonization of the copyright laws of EU Member States has long been a holy grail for copyright lawyers, but with the reality thus far being only limited harmonization resulting from ad-hoc legislative interventions, there are serious questions over the feasibility and indeed desirability of this goal. Notwithstanding, as this book makes eloquently clear, whilst legislative initiatives have been limited, the CJEU has been acting proactively, establishing through its decisional practice the de facto harmonization of an important principle of copyright: the originality requirement.

Through an assessment of the originality requirement, this work guides the reader in interpreting judicial decisions which are of fundamental importance to current and future understanding of EU copyright. The book’s holistic approach and methodology takes in analysis of; recent decisions of the CJEU in light of broader EU copyright reform debate; the implications of CJEU case law in Member States which have traditionally adopted different approaches to copyright (eg the UK); the originality requirement in EU, UK and continental Member States; recent UK decisions from an EU perspective; and academic copyright reform projects, both in Europe and the US".
Further information is available from the book's web page here


* TRIPS and Developing Countries: Towards a New IP World Order?
Editors: Gustavo Ghidini, Rudolph J.R. Peritz, Marco Ricolfi
"TRIPS reflects the dominant view that enforcing strong intellectual property rights is necessary to solve problems of trade and development. The global ensemble of authors in this collection ask, how can TRIPS mature further into an institution that supports a view of economic development which incorporates the human rights ethic already at work in the multilateralist geopolitics driving international relations? In particular, how can these human rights, seen as encompassing a whole ‘new’ set of collective interests such as public health, environment, and nutrition, provide a pragmatic ethic for shaping development policy? Some chapters address these questions by describing recent successes, while others propose projects in which these human rights can provide ethical ground for influencing the forces at play in development policies".
Further information is available from the book's web page here


* European Trade Mark Decisions, 2nd edition
Authors: Jeremy Pennant and others
Published by D Young & Co
"European trade mark law is a complex area, with new and important guidance being issued from the CJ almost daily. European Trade Mark Decisions provides an easy to use guide of all the key judgments. The book is an invaluable resource for brand owners, the media and anyone with an interest in the cases which have had a dramatic impact on some of the biggest names in the fashion, food and beverage, technology and other sectors which thrive on innovation.

European Trade Mark Decisions contains 136 case summaries, with each case presented in a clear and digestible format that includes a brief statement outlining the importance of the case, its date and case reference, key parties, keywords, issues and the most recent ruling. Cases are categorised into ten main sections covering key trade mark subject areas such as: absolute grounds, counterfeit goods, domain name disputes, invalidity and infringement, with a detailed index by case and by section. The book also includes a section covering Community trade mark procedure and practice".
Further information is available from the book's Amazon page here

Again, if you believe that you are suitably equipped to review either of these titles, can you please email Sarah Harris by not later than close of play on Monday 24 March at, indicating why you think that you should be the reviewer.

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