JIPLP Special Edition on IP in Africa - Call for articles

JIPLP is issuing a call for articles for an upcoming special issue of the journal, dedicated to intellectual property perspectives from Africa. The special issue will be curated and edited by our consulting editor Marius Schneider, who has recently posted a call for articles on our LinkedIn page (if you are not yet a member, we would be happy to welcome you on our carefully moderated and ever-growing group, where you can find out about our latest initiatives and take part in informal IP-related discussions and debates - to join us, just click here).

We hope that many of you will consider contributing to our special issue, helping readers from other jurisdictions familiarise with IP in the African context, its challenges, successes and peculiarities.

JIPLP Editor Marius Schneider calls for articles for a special edition of the Journal on IP in Africa which is due to be published in early 2017. 
Africa – a continent of great dynamics and abundant creativity – is home to some of the fasted growing economies worldwide. The peer-reviewed Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice has a wide readership in Africa and so it has been decided to have a special issue on IP related subjects with a special focus on Africa. 
The special issue seeks to cover all areas of IP. Pan-African articles are welcomed and it would be great to have articles on subjects of concern for Africa, such as access to medicine; traditional knowledge; good governance, the rule of law and IP; or plant variety rights. We do also welcome proposals on other subjects. The articles should be approximately three to six thousand words long (although there is some flexibility) and in perfect English (if necessary authors are requested to call on a professional proof reader). Final articles must be submitted by 30 October 2016. 
Volunteers are invited to contact Marius by e-mail under office@ipvocateafrica.com to submit proposed subjects. Please do not yet write any articles without the approval of the Editor.

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