February 2014 JIPLP now online

The February 2014 issue of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice is now available online to e-subscribers.  The contents are listed below.  Although it would be invidious to pick favourites, your editor did enjoy getting to grips with Gary Moss's article on the controversial decision of the UK Supreme Court in Virgin Atlantic v Zodiac, even though he has to say that he disagreed with much of it.  That JIPLP publishes articles which find favour with the peer reviewers, whether they coincide with the editor's preferences and prejudices or not, is something from which prospective contributors as well as readers should take comfort.

Elsewhere in this issue, Alexander Tsoutsanis's piece on his pet subject, bad faith trade mark applications, is a fairly sparky piece of prose, as is Danny Friedmann's surprising but well-argued case for scrapping safe harbour provisions.

Neil J. Wilkof's guest editorial will be posted in full on this weblog tomorrow, for the benefit and interest of non-subscribers too.  All other content can be read by non-subscribers who wish to purchase short-term access via JIPLP's website here.

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