Passing off and Unfair Competition seminar: an update

This year's British event
is quite full up ...!
Next week's JIPLP-GRUR Int seminar on Passing off and unfair competition (on which see our previous post here) is still oversubscribed. One of the reasons why this is so is that, when I posted a request that people who found themselves unable to attend should let me know, so that we could reallocate their place to someone else on the reserve list, we received a small number of cancellations -- but a larger number of emails from people asking if they too could be placed on the reserve list! We appreciate the enthusiasm of our readers, but it would really be a good idea if we sealed the reserve list so as not to raise further the hopes of last-minute applicants for registration.

Richard Hacon
Regarding the same event, there's a change of cast in the composition of the discussion panel.  We regret that Mr Justice Arnold will not after all be able to join us and chair the panel.  However, we are pleased to inform you that an admirable replacement has been found in the shape of Richard Hacon QC, who was recently appointed as the first member of the judiciary in England and Wales to be termed an Intellectual Property Enterprise Judge, presiding over the  Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, the IPEC. Richard is no stranger to issues relating to passing off or unfair competition. Cases in which he acted before his ascent to the judiciary include such classics as Case C-143/00 Boehringer Ingelheim KG and others v Swingward Ltd and Dowelhurst Ltd (here), Joined Cases C-414 to 416/99 Zino Davidoff SA v A & G Imports Ltd and Levi Strauss & Co. and Others v Tesco Stores Ltd and Others (here) and Samsung Electronics (UK) v Apple Inc (here).

In the next day or so, we will be bringing news of the second of this year's cooperation seminars between JIPLP and GRUR Int, which will be held in Munich on 10 March.

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