More articles in search of an author

This weblog's previous request for volunteers to tackle articles (see "Articles in Search of an Author", here) was very well received, with all ten articles being matched to authors within a remarkable 48 hours. Some of the articles have since been received and are now undergoing peer review.

Here's another, rather shorter list, of further articles on which JIPLP would like to publish articles. As before, anyone wishing to write on one of these topics should email me, whether to reserve the topic, to seek further particulars or to make a counter-proposal.
* Trade marks and the blind: the special significance of aural and haptic marks [one reader, who is currently very busy, is willing to help anyone who does take this topic -- but only from September];

* A comparative review of "three strikes" legislation in the small number of countries which have opted for it, to examine whether and, if so, to what extent, legislative expectations have been fulfilled [Taken];
* TSG ("Traditional speciality guaranteed") registration in Europe: legal basis and parameters of exploitation [Taken];

* Points to consider when suing an IP licensee, when determining whether to proceed for breach of the licence agreement or for infringement of the infringed right(s) [Taken];

* Availability and assessment of damages for loss of opportunity to license intellectual property [Taken];
* The author's moral right to withdraw a work (droit de repentir): how does it work and what are its consequences in commerce? [Taken];

* Declarations of non-infringement of another's IP right-- when can, and should, they be sought? [Taken].
Guidance for all prospective authors on the submission of articles can be accessed here.

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