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JIPLP relies heavily on the expertise, enthusiasm and diligence of its peer reviewers. Once such reviewer, whose comments and suggestions have been warmly welcomed by contributors, writes about his experiences:
The Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice is a very reliable reference for students and IP professionals alike and it was a valuable study companion during my LL.M course last year. I particularly appreciated its concise and clear writing-style as well as the extensive range of topics tackled every month. Becoming a peer-reviewer was thus for me an occasion to contribute to the development of one of my favourite journals and to ensure that the next generation of students benefits from the most cogent analyses of complex problems, where legal concepts are tangled in a web of technology. I also saw my participation in the peer-review process as a smart and proactive way to stay informed of the latest developments in the IP field and to deepen my knowledge on many topics that interested me when I was studying.

Peer-reviewing is not time-consuming and, in terms of one's personal commitment, it is very flexible. You can participate in the peer-review process according to your availability and/or to your knowledge of the topic addressed by the article which you have been asked to review. It is entirely up to you. Peer reviewers have two weeks to review an article, which gives you enough time to do it, and there are no compulsory requirements to follow when writing your review. To my mind, peer-reviewing a means issuing an informed opinion on an article and treating the author with respect. That’s why I always take my time to understand the subject tackled in the piece I have to review. In the process I seek to refine my knowledge of the subject as well as my own writing skills, which is very gratifying.

In retrospective I am gaining more from my participation as peer-reviewer than the time I have spent in reviewing a few articles. I have been learning a great deal on topics that interest me and receive the consideration of a dedicated editorial team. Peer-reviewing has helped me to move forward with my own career and to get a better idea of what I want to do. I also have the feeling that I now truly belong to the IP community. Finally, every time I submit my opinion on an article, I feel as if I am an invisible helping hand, making the publication of JIPLP possible -- and this is the best reward of all.
Grégoire Marino has been a peer-reviewer since November 2009.

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