Of Pamp and Parodies -- and the promise of more

JIPLP has received two new titles which are in need of a review. The first is the Oxford Book of Parodies, on which you can find some brief comment on the 1709 Blog here. The other is Intellectual Property in Science, by Caroline Pamp, recently noted on the IPKat weblog here.

The journal has been disappointed that too many books which are sent for review are either never reviewed at all or are reviewed so late that the value of the review to the prospective reader is reduced.

If you are seriously interested in writing a review of either of these titles for JIPLP, think you have something worth saying on the subject and can be relied upon to deliver the review, can you please email our Reviews Editor, Dr Phillip Johnson, and let him know your credentials.

I hope eventually to publish a list of books sent out for review in the hope that it will (i) whet the appetites of JIPLP readers for these forthcoming critiques, (ii) give publishers confidence that JIPLP is a worthy place for their books to be reviewed and (iii) stir the consciences of reviewers into swift and effective action.

If this works, we'll try it again.

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