Still more articles in search of an author

Here is another list of topics on which JIPLP would be delighted to receive articles. If any one of them appeals to you, please email me here and let me know. As usual, general guidance for contributors can be found on the official JIPLP website here.
* Proposals to bring fashion design within the ambit of United States law -- what will they mean to designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers? [Taken]

* The cases for and against requiring foreign applicants for registered rights to instruct a local professional representative [Taken];

* Issues arising from the need to dispose of infringing stock;

* Roving injunctions and John Doe orders against unidentifiable defendants in IP infringement proceedings;

* Potential liability of landlords and lawful occupants of premises for infringements that take place on them -- how to establish it and how to avoid it;

* When can a well-known person monopolise his surname in Europe? A simple flowchart of the court's logic in Case C-51/09 P Barbara Becker v Harman International, OHIM [Taken].

* Guarding against a failed right -- if, as some have said, the sui generis database right in Europe will be abolished -- what precautions should rights owners take?

* Initiating IP litigation in India: points for foreign plaintiffs to ponder [there's a mirror image article here too, on how best an Indian defendant can handle an action brought against it in India by a foreign litigant];

* The moral right of an employee of a professional firm to be known and recognised as the author of work that is signed off and sent out by a partner or manager of the firm [Taken];

* But what legal means, if any, can a person who is known to the public only by a pseudonym enforce the right to control or prohibit the unauthorised publication of that person's real name?

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